Visual artist based in Turin, Italy.
She’s work have been exihibited in various countries: Peru, Argentina, Chile, United States, Spain, Greece, India, Romania.
She has participated at Biennale of Young Artists from Europe and the Mediterranean (Athens), Quotidiana (Padova),  Film Festival and many group exhibition in Italy. Her video are present in Gam Video Library, Turin.
Alessia Zuccarello is uncomfortable, artist for the choice of subjects for the mode that uses to represent them, you want to choose for herself, to confront inconvenient a challenge: that of being able to get to experience nature their bodies without shame, without that sense of shame over that inhibits .
An inconvenience which is a symbol and a sign of freedom, not restrictions.
A discomfort that brings differences often denied, that brings us close to another truth, that which, to many questionable reasons, is regarded as false, worthless and dangerous.
In the videos and photographs of Alessia Zuccarello, human figures or body fragments are incorporated in the timelessness of black space, surrounded by an area of shadow that hides the identity of the face, by focusing on simple and ordinary gestures, so rich in spirituality and emotion, symbol of every single moment of life lived.

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