Alessia Zuccarello, a rock soul, and Alessandra Barilla, a surrealist and romantic soul, join together in the AZAB duo, with photography, video-art and performance works. Their project “Finally I’m not anybody” is a survey in the deepness of the Being, of a course of research away from and back to the Self, realizing that there is nothing better than being Oneself! 

Alessia Zuccarello 

She is a video-artist and a photographer. She lives in Turin.
Her videos have been exhibited in several countries: Perù Argentina, Chile, United States, India, Spain, Switzerland, and Greece.
Among her different exhibitions in Italy we can remember: “Biennale dei Giovani Artisti dell’Europa e del Mediterraneo”, a daily exhibition at “Museo Civico al Santo” in Padua ”Torino Film Festival” and many more.
Her works are present in a permanent exhibition at Turin G.A.M. in the Video Archive Collection.
She has worked with art critics such as Gianni Romano, Elena Volpato, Luca Beatrice, Francesco Bernardelli, Francesco Poli, Ivan Quaroni, Alessandro Trabucco and others. She is presently working with music, drama, dance groups and different kinds of performers. In Alessia Zuccarello’s videos and photographs the human figures or body fragments are filmed against a timeless black space, surrounded by darkness, hiding their face identity, thus focusing the interest on simple and ordinary gestures, rich in inner reality and emotions, as a symbol of every single experienced moment. 

Alessandra Barilla 

She is a dance therapist, performer and sensitive to all creative possibilities of body expression.
After a classically oriented course of studies with the most important leaders in the national and international spotlight, she enthusiastically takes up a career in artistic experimentation joining dance, drama, video and poetry in pioneering projects in which her latest experience as a dance therapist and psychiatric rehabilitator plays a leading role. 

She is very fond of yoga and oriental disciplines and is presently improving a course for yoga teachers to add in her research. She started studying dance at 5 at “Teatro Nuovo” in Turin. From 13 to 19 she continued classical dance with Giulio Cantello, Ena Narajo and she finally met the vice director of Tirana Opera Theatre Liudmill Cakalli. The same passion let her study contemporary and modern dance with several teachers: Max Luna, Daniel Tinazzi, Davide Cauli and many more. She attended Masterclass in Italy and abroad, challenging prestigious artists such as Beatrice Libonati , Carolyn Carlson and Doriana Crema just to quote some of them. She has also worked with dancers and musicians such as Davide Cauli, Alberta Palmisano, Giovanna Gattuso, Dado Moroni and many others.


2019 Il corpo disegnato, Il Fondaco, Bra. Curated by Emanuela Genesio e Silvana Peira.

2018 Finalmente non sono Qualcuno, AZAB, Gipsoteca Giulio Monteverde, Bistagno (Al). 

2015 Finalmente non sono Qualcuno, AZAB, Photocontainer,Spazio MRF, Turin.

Group show:

2018 La via del sale, AZAB, Gipsoteca Giulio Monteverde, Bistagno (Al). Curated by Silvana Peira, Marco Enrico Giacomelli.

2015 The Future of Italy, MUDEC, Milan, Curated by Gianni Romano